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ODM (Original Design Manufacturer)

Contract manufacturers to produce products for companies to sell in their own brands.


OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Contractors who design and produce products
for the company to sell in its own brand.

One stop service

“Grow your business with SL”

Consulting service :
  • Strategy Challenger.

  • Product development by focusing on analyzing market data along with research and development.

  • Promotion of distribution channels including domestic and foreign.

Product research and development :

We have a team of experts in research and R&D, both Thai and foreigners. Combined with innovation and technology for product formulation analysis according to prototype. Ready to develop formulas and products with customers to meet all the needs of customers Selection of raw materials from various sources with high quality with supporting research data to get the most efficient and effective products.

Design service :

We have a team of designers to create a product identity and create a professional brand image. To meet the concept and needs of customers such as brand logo design services, product branding, product design, packaging design, 3D model molding.

Marketing service :

Advertising media design services on print and online media to promote the image and promote the product.

Product and packaging services :

Comprehensive procurement and packaging services as well as the production process.

Product registration and production services :

Service for filing a notification of FDA. Service for product registration, production, and distribution. legally both domestically and internationally.

Production process :

We bring state-of-the-art technology to the production process that meets international standards. Every production process is controlled by engineers and specialists who can support every production line to provide the highest quality products and safety in every production process to keep up with rapidly changing marketing strategies. Always keep up with all the new trends in the world.

Process control :

We control the quality of products in every production process. since the receipt of raw materials production process to control quality standards of packaged products With tools and machines by GMP production standards, product storage Packing service with aseptic system, Clean Room, as well as delivery. so that consumers and customers get good products quality and safety following the legal requirements and standards of international manufacturers and sellers.

Delivery of goods :

Delivery service both domestically and internationally.

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