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Committed to being a production service provider The number one OEM/ODM products and cosmetics in the country that cosmetic entrepreneurs and brand owners choose to use with the company. both in Thailand and abroad Moreover, our company also considers production ethics. and standardized quality control at every step, including focusing on producing products that are safe for consumers to comply with the laws and regulations of the FDA.


SiriLaboratories Co., Ltd. is committed to supporting Fulfill every idea and every customer's needs. Ready to lead to the goal with innovation Combined with technology and a team of experts, both Thais and foreigners, in researching and creating products and cosmetics. that has received international standards to provide quality products with a distinctive identity, as well as being different from other brands with a wide range of business experiences in the group that has been growing for a long time. We are ready with quality and potential all around. both from the management team and experts in various fields of science to support and answer all the needs of customers at all levels, from startups, SMEs to domestic and international customers in all forms of OEM / ODM, with one-stop service.



Learning Organization

Providing good and quality services to customers,
partners, and stakeholders of the organization.

Learning organization Openness to new things and
adaptation to different situations.



Recruiting, presenting, and continually expanding
innovations in product development.

Aiming for success at work to achieve the set goals.



Responsible for organization, society, and environment.

Sharing organization.


Integrity and Unity.

The research team and R&D team of specialists.

Develop research results to keep up with current and future technology.

  • Properties of extracts, textures, colors, and aromas can be set for formula development to meet customer requirements.

  • Selecting high-quality raw materials and reasonable price.

  • Able to market with product quality inspection service So that customers can be confident in the product before it is released.

Production process

Meet the various needs of customers under the production process that meets international standards.

  • There are checks at every step. There are both large and small machines. can support all production capacity.

  • Can produce a variety of products.

  • Control every step of production with skilled personnel to get products with the highest quality and safety and meet customers' needs.

Control product quality in every step of production.

From raw material receiving, storage, and production to delivery with quality standards, customers are satisfied and confident that they will receive quality products. exactly as desired safe for users Comply with the laws of the country of manufacture and seller.

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